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Meet BLANCOS. We make tinted skincare - yes you read that right. BLANCOS represents the white space in the beauty industry by merging skincare and natural pigments to deliver the world’s first tinted skincare line. Inspired by our founder’s Latin roots and artistry background, the line is carefully curated with a minimalist approach. Although don’t mistake minimalism for boring - we like to get messy. Whether you’re an au naturel girl, or a primadonna we’ve got you covered. Finally a product that you don’t have to wash off after a late night rendezvous. You can enjoy your 3AM Carrie Bradshaw moment, and know that your skin is loving every second of the night - just as much as you are. We at BLANCOS encourage you to embrace your “messy” moments, and take us along for the ride.


Formulated in Seoul, South Korea and designed in New York we take our ingredients and sustainability seriously. 

Korean skincare is buzzed about by beauty-cabinet experts for innovation, high-efficacy, and the primary use of natural ingredients. The heart of beauty innovation beats in Seoul, an industry mecca that is home to BLANCOS formulation and manufacturing. Our ethos is to use natural pigments and luxurious botanicals to curate a line of seriously good tinted skincare products.

Conscious, small-batch formulation meets carefully curated design from creative minds based in NYC. Drawing inspiration from our founder’s Latin heritage, BLANCOS celebrates the vibrant richness of Latin culture and community. A brand that transcends beyond traditional skincare rituals, and embodies the essence of raw Spanish beauty.

THE STORY OF BLANCOS -------------------------------------------------

BLANCOS was born the summer of 2021, when our founder fell asleep with makeup on after a wild night out and wondered why there wasn’t tinted skincare made for nights like these. Not skin-friendly formulas or skincare infused makeup - just tinted skincare. Using her background in cosmetic formulation she began creating the industry’s first tinted skincare formula. After two years of countless iterations and samples, BLANCOS was created. A lifestyle driven brand, meant to disrupt the current beauty industry in more ways than one. Formulas aside, we do things a bit differently around here from our campaigns to our approach to beauty. We don’t believe in mundane e-com websites with standard product photos, we create editorial inspired campaigns that invite our community into the world of BLANCOS. It’s not just a brand, it's BLANCOS. 

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