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At Blancos, we blend natural pigments and luxurious botanicals to create tinted products that are actually FDA approved as skincare. Drawing inspiration from our heritage, Blancos celebrates the vibrant richness of Latin culture and community. Whether it be through a dewy blush oil or our own cultural influence, we’re adding some color to these blank spaces (espacios en blanco) in the beauty industry by bridging the gap between makeup and skincare.

Beyond the Surface. It's Deeper than Skin.

In business, the term ‘white space’ means an undiscovered sector of an industry. Our innovative products made of unique botanicals from around the world are designed to fill this gap, or white space, between aesthetics and wellness within the beauty industry. The use of irony and juxtaposition lies at the heart of our ethos. We are well aware of the different connotations ‘white space’ may invoke; in the words of Adorno in Aesthetic Theory, art is “defined by its relation to what it is not.” We see this brand as a form of art in itself, an opportunity to push boundaries, and a vehicle to propel change. By poking at the limits of language and including motifs related to vice in our designs, like our cigarette box shaped packaging, we seek to highlight the paradoxical nature of our place in the beauty industry.

Conscious, small-batch formulation meets carefully curated design from creative minds based in NYC.

Slow Beauty

We believe in the practice of slow luxury commerce. In order to eliminate excess production and eventual waste, we make products available for pre-order a month before their official launch. This allows us to produce the perfect amount so that we waste none of the earth’s resources from which our skincare is derived.

Quality > Quantity

Sustainability, ethical consumption, and craftsmanship are a few reasons why we have a limited number of products. We will only offer essential, timeless items with uniquely nourishing ingredients. And quality takes time. The scrupulous crafting that goes into the development of our skincare is a labor of love, and we promise it’s worth the wait <3.

Why Seoul?

Korean skincare is buzzed about by beauty-cabinet experts for innovation, high-efficacy, and the primary use of natural ingredients. The heart of beauty innovation beats in Seoul, an industry mecca that is home to Blancos formulation and manufacturing. Our ethos is supported by chemists in Seoul who helped us use natural pigments to curate our tinted skincare line.